Main Formation Types of Weathering Sand

Main Formation Types of Weathering Sand

Generally, there are three main formation types of weathering sand ,as follows:
First, mechanical weathering sand. It is due to changes in temperature and water and salt state changes in rock gap.
Second, chemical weathering sand. Oxygen and water solution not only makes the surface near the rock breaking, and makes their chemical composition change, this is the chemical weathering. Through chemical reaction make those unstable minerals in the surface conditions to be another new mineral (to adapt to the surface environment).
Third, biological weathering sand. As the creature have physical and chemical properties, so biological weathering sand is the merging of above two. And it often comprehensive effect appear. The existing stone mill is insufficient in the processing of weathered sand capacity. Because they more use the mixing of crushing and conveying equipment, if weathering effect is obvious, they directly fine tailings after intermediate crushing.
Selection of artificial sand and gravel aggregate should be given easy to operate and reliable , energy consumption ,low costs of operation and management equipment, equipment of load factor ,granularity of the product to be processed , graded variation is an important selection factor . Sand production line of equipment configuration is primarily based on customer specifications as well as stone production and use of stone to determine .  New sand making machine is used for artificial sand and gravel aggregate technology, significantly improve the economic and technological , we also provide pre-sale,on-sale and after-sale comprehensive services .  According to customer produce site to configure the flow, striving to do the most reasonable services for the customer and the most economical production line.
As a leader in sand maker industry, according to the research of weathered sand, standard sand and building sand, Henan Hongxing Machinery Limited company accumulates years of impact crusher‘s development experience, create professional 5X series high efficient impact crusher, which introduce Germany advanced mining machinery engineering technology reach crushing, washing and grading simultaneously
, product qualified gravel aggregate products one-time and be focused in market by its high utilization rate.

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