Listen to laugh

This place, with the blue of Vince Wilfork Limited Jersey the sky, This place, has the bright classroom; This place, with sincere friend this place; Condensed the most sincere friendship. So, this place has the most pure laughter.

Because the friendship, so laugh!

Learning life, “three point one line” in here to get the best reflected, but junior middle school great pressure but did not make us smile on the face how to reduce.

Still remember the close to freezing winter, even if is near the end of the period, my friend and I are still be without scruple the ground on campus to do the cleaning, also a proverb is easy before. Perhaps for other students speaking, the final exam is in the heart of a boulder, everyone in the press forward rush, also waiting for the safety of this stone fall, also or look at yourself and others Vince Wilfork Elite Jersey is tumbling. But, we now – to enjoy!

Was also remember that chilly morning, as usual, I go to the playground with a poker pick garbage, the foot was also had been numb. Friends run to come over and say: “so big playground, a few of us, that feeling, that was so cool!” Looking at her with a face, can not stand, pick a piece of junk, “the mouth open, I fed you!” … The ice, then is to laugh, laugh to cramp.

Till now I still don’t understand, why then would be to a this is not very interesting to live and laugh, laugh. Maybe, because here, brought together too much in this us alone; Or maybe, because here, there are a lot of friends, many friendship, right; Maybe…

I appreciate the friend said to me of this sentence: “everyone is what you want, because only want to, and ultimately to get it, and many people have neglected want and get between one of the most important, and that is it.”

The past, and as the movie, pass.

It was a game, full of confidence and hope but I screwed up. But, although lost, but I still half kidding half seriously said: “that’s all right, next time with a better place back!” My heart is very understand, I want to, also hope to get, but I don’t have to do it, there is no perfect and do what about it? I know, but still not disappointed. Is probably see my sad, friends will be like elder general “and” clap my shoulder, and Vince Wilfork Patriots Jersey said: “ah, GuMing of Eva, silence for you!” Know that she is using another special way to comfort me, he also pack a good mood, let failure become a thing of the past, grasp now left alarm is the most important! “Gnome male -“, dare to irony I, find a dozen!” So, of the dust float in the sky. In the heart of the haze will also vanish into thin air…

Here, sadness and sorrow, laughter is destined not to long prosperity — because friendship!

We are good at taking pains, also good at making happy, because we are friends, even if only a little bit, everybody to happiness, we also can make laughter filled the whole space. Because the friendship, so laughter; Because friendship —

So, here to listen to laugh, I am happy.

So, here to listen to laugh, I am happy.


Listen to laugh, I also Visanthe Shiancoe Jersey listening to my friends and I heart pure friendship accumulation! basic6ming20130105

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