Jaw Crusher Helped Dolomite Crushing and Processing

As the product of mineral raw materials, dolomite is one of the important basic refractory raw material, next to magnesite in importance. Dolomite has wide distribution in nature, and it’s easy to gets, so it is important building materials with long mining history. In modern industrial, dolomite is main raw material for manufacturing cement, lime and carbide, flux ash rock in metallurgical industry. Qualified dolomite has broad application in manufacturing paper, rubber, paint, medicine, cosmetics, feed, seal, bond, polished products.
In this case, the jaw crusher was designed out. It use world-level crushing technology and equipment manufacturing processes, high quality steel castings, steel frame structure as a whole, so it reflects its incomparable superiority whether in the production efficiency, service life, maintenance, or failure rates. Europe version jaw type broken machine is used in ore crushing in first level broken or II level, most suitable for crushing ore, rock and slag with compressive strength not than 280Mpa. Jaw crusher is preferred equipment for crushing hard and strong abrasion material, and has widely used in crushing metallurgical, mine, chemical, cement, building, refractories and ceramic, etc., in long stone, and played an important role in crushing calcite, and dolomite, marble, granite, basalt, limestone, and river pebble, pebbles,  iron ore, and nonferrous metals and so on.
At present, the European version jaw crusher has indisputably become the world’s most popular Jaw Crusher and the preferred device of high hardness ore crushing, which not only improved ore grinding efficiency and the use effects, promoted the development of ore crushing process industry, but also contributed to building materials, metallurgy, chemicals, refractory, ceramics and other related industrial development.

Original link: http://www.hxjq-crushers.com/news_160.htm

spiral classifier : http://www.ore-mills.com/screw-classifier.html

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