It really makes me angry

The winter vacation, I in the streets saw a thing makes me very atmosphere, I finally have Tiffany Watches a chance to record it down.

Remember that it was a morning, my mother sent me to go to cram school. Suddenly, the way out of a middle-aged man, our and pedestrians were really a scare! See he put a bag of Chinese medicine in the middle of the road, but leave, return in mouth murmured, this way but early in the morning and good, it just cleaner and his dirty, that person can really don’t civilization! Many people are pointing fingers, with a disdainful look at him, but the man all don’t know shame, the paper with a throw, in a hurry to go……

I asked my mother leave the Tiffany Bangles Chinese medicine fell on the ground is what mean? Mother explained: “this is the place of a feudal superstition custom, the man home life must have the disease, he would leave the Chinese medicine fall on the road the pedestrian to leave, let on, said to be the disease can make transferred to others.” I can’t help by this whimsicality laugh, thought is who invented so weak-minded feudal superstition customs? Ha ha! It is too slippery Ji! Man is a no matter what you do can find reason of animals. The diet of a variety of discipline will not harm people, unless you do it one by one.

Laughed, and I get serious, even feel angry: President hu jintao is not teaching us to have “the socialist concept of honor and disgrace”? “Ignorance is not a sufficient cause for disgrace” and “Roman holiday for the shame” is not “eight honors and eight disgraces” of the two? Ill do not go to a hospital to cure, but doing the feudal superstition, is ignorance; His illness even, also want to put the disease transferred to others, let oneself have no disease, is the Roman holiday! Can the man remain calm the heart not jump, under the eyes, but also with the bag away, neither civilization, and pollute the environment! Thus it can be seen this man cheeky, quality is poor! This Tiffany Sets can not cause all of us angry?

I am very puzzled, why not put moral test, why want to use fraction to measure students’ good or bad? Light test Chinese science language have what use? A fly have mastered the knowledge, can only make it more quickly spread the disease. The main function of education, should be to ensure that each learn knowledge is the bee, not fly, or through education will fly into the bees. The quality standard, knowledge is standard. The quality standard answer is nation’s blessing, the only standard answer is that the state of the disaster.

Now, I think of it let me very angry, I will always remember this, always remind yourself and others: never do ignorance, Roman holiday! I really hope this is angry, throw Tiffany Pendants a wet blanket over things won’t happen in the world! basic5shang20121221

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