Introduction to Magnetic Forces of Separator Machine

One of the inherent defects of the high gradient magnetic separator is that the increase of the gradient of the magnetic field will inevitably decrease of the working intervals between the magnetic poles of the magnetic induction. The action range of the magnetic forces is small and it is often not more than 1mm. For this reason, only 2mm of working intervals between the magnetic poles will be needed and this kind of magnetic separating machine is very suitable for the process of fine materials. It is mainly used in the ore beneficiation work in the kaolin industry and is used for micron particles containing iron.

In the American market there should be several large magnetic separators of this kind, whose ferromagnetism media is installed inside a cage-type container with the diameter of 2m. The internal field intensity of the magnetic separator is 2T, and the processing quantity is determined by the final quality of the clay.

In 1986, a technician in America designed and manufactured the superconductivity high gradient magnetic separator and used it in the process of kaolin resources. This magnetic separator only consumes about 0.007 KW of electric power and produces 5T of magnetic flux and it will need another 20KW of energy for the auxiliary equipment. Relatively, the traditional 2T high gradient magnetic separator with the same processing ability needs 250KW of electric power in order to produce the same magnetic field and needs at least 30KW of power in order to cool the magnetic coils. At present, the magnetic separating equipment in the domestic and international market is various in types and diverse in performance and price.

In recent years, the technological functions of the magnetic separator in our country is also constantly innovated and upgraded, but they still have a big gap compared with the advanced international level, which becomes one of the driving forces for the fast development of our magnetic separating machines. Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd is also sparing no efforts to improve the manufacturing technology of the magnetic separator so that the magnetic separating equipment will march toward a new step.

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