Improving the Design of Vibrating Screen


     The vibrating screen is widely used to distribute materials in many fields, so researchers never stop searching for ways to improve the design of vibrating screen to meet users’ different needs. Presently the conventional design adopting still intension and kinematics analysis mostly uses the calculating method depending on experience data and safety factor. This kind of design can’t accurately reveal the distributing of the dynamic stress inside the structure. Therefore the design rationality of the product’s structure can’t be ensured, which directly infects the use performance and life – span of thevibrating screens.   
     Taking the large scale vibrating screen as the investigative object, researchers utilizes advanced means of vibration testing and dynamics analysis theory, and applies the dynamic design method combining theory modeling with experiment modeling to the dynamic design process of large scale of vibrating machines. Using analysis technology of finite element, the mode parameters and the mode shape of the vibrating screen’s prototype are obtained primarily. Then according to these parameters, design structures are modified elementarily to be used as the design basis of the physics experiment model and the main reference about how to dispose the experiment measuring point. 
     Testing technology of vibration is used to found the experimental model with multiple testing points to obtain the mode parameters and the mode shape of the structure. Based on sufficient analysis of testing data, vibrating displacement field and any other dynamic characteristics are obtained .So the stress field is obtained indirectly. Modifying the model of theoretic analysis and the structural dynamics can be on the basis of these dynamic parameters  In this way, the shortage of the traditional static design method can be settled well. In this investigated subject, on the basis of the vibrating screen’s working principle, the kinematics of the materiel on the screen surface and the dynamics of the vibrating screen are analyzed in detail. Consequently technical and structural parameters of the prototype of the vibrating screen can be confirmed. Based on the destroying mechanism of the vibrating screen, the principle of choosing materials for the structural pieces of the vibrating screen and which kind of metal materials is apt to the structure of the vibrating screen are determined.

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