Impact Crusher is Used to Process Granite

Now, with the rise of the processing technology of the rock mining equipment and broken machinery, it greatly extends the application field of granite. Granite stone has become an indispensable building materials, to use the impact crusher to process the granite into the mechanisms sand occupies a very important position and role in the future development of the construction industry in China, having become the important force to create benefits for the national economy.
The impact crusher converts the rotary motion of the motor into the linear motion through the screw then through the connecting rod to convert it into rotational motion. To use the motor through the reducer to drive the arm rotates. Such a mechanism has the advantages that the miniaturization of the entire system can be realized. The granite crusher developed and launched b our company, namely the impact crusher, has the most advanced level of technology and good performance characteristics, discharge size of the device is easy to adjust and flexible and it has wide range. It can be used for the crushing of soft and hard materials; it can effectively deal with the materials with a large amount of moisture to prevent the clogging. The wear and tear of wearing parts is smaller than that of the hammer crushing machine, metal has high utilization rate and the replacement of spare parts is easy and the maintenance costs can be reduced accordingly. The advantage of the impact crusher is particularly apparent in the high quality of the fairways and water projects; it has become the essential crushing equipment of the materials with medium hardness such as the granite, limestone in the field of large-scale construction of the highway, railway and hydropower station.

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