Hydraulic Series Cone Crushers Have A Huge Group

Among cone crushers, the leading product throughout the world is still hydraulic cone crusher. Today, we will share briefly the differences of different models of hydraulic cone crushers in performance.

Hydraulic cone crusher can be widely used in metal and nonmetal mines, cement plants, construction, metallurgy, transportation, sand and gravel aggregate production industry. It is especially suitable for iron ore, gold ore, non-ferrous metal ore, granite, basalt, quartzite and other hard, medium hard ore and rock.

The characteristics of the single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher are simple structure, fewer parts, beautiful appearance, easy maintenance and easy automatic control. Though it can crush hard materials, it sometimes appears to be inadequate. Furthermore, due to the adjustment mode, uneven feeding may be caused. In addition, since the dynamic cone supporting the spherical radius is large, the spindle eccentric angle is small. Since the crushing cavity is quite long, thereby improving the uniformity of the materials. However, since the cylinder is at the bottom, the maintenance work will be difficult.

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Multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher has small spherical radius. The swinging frequency must be improved to increase fine material content and the self-rotation speed. Nevertheless, it has a relatively high failure rate.

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