How you can Extend Battery Life in your Motorola Droid

The Motorola Droid relies on a tremendous amount of battery; all Android phones do. In case you are sitting beside an electrical outlet, this is not a challenge. For anyone who is on the long journey without your vehicle charger, well Dell Latitude E5500 battery There are not many steps that one could decide to try extend it lifetime of your Motorola Droid if you can HP 550 Battery
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Fully charge the Dell Inspiron 1420 battery when you first get your Droid. Leave the unit connected towards the charger overnight. New batteries are certainly not always fully charged, while you initially get your phone take time to charge the battery properly.

Add the electricity Control Widget in your Droid. The energy Control Widget allows you to easily switch off accessories which have been draining your battery. Applications for instance GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth may all be leading to your HP G60 Battery loss. Tap “Menu” followed by “Add” in your home office screen. Click Dell Studio 1737 battery and Power Control” to properly add the widget to your dwelling screen. Dell Inspiron 1564 Battery


Let down Bluetooth, Dell inspiron 1440 battery GPS and Wi-Fi when you are not with them. These programs still utilize battery if they’re on yet not in use. The energy Control Widget provides the chance to turn all served by a tap of the mouse.

Access the “Battery Use Feature” under “Settings” on your own phone. This feature explains precisely what applications are using your battery at that moment. It’s just like the Power Control Widget on your Motorola Droid, and gives a “live look” for your battery situation as well as the applications draining it. Dell Inspiron 1464 battery

Require a “live look” in the applications draining your battery and “Force Stop” any applications which you or your Droid are certainly not currently using. Sorts of applications that run constantly in the background (even if not in use) are games, music players, your calendar, web 2 . 0 applications etcetera. If you don’t are in fact using these apps, there is absolutely no time allowing them to run in the background and drain your Dell Latitude E6400 battery

Lower the brightness of this display. It is a common issue that could easily be changed. By dimming your background, you’ll save essential battery life. Dell Inspiron 15 battery

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