How to Solve the Problems of Jaw Crusher

In the sand production line or stone production line, our aim is to ensure the impact crusher and jaw crusher is capable of normal continuous operation. In order to extend the life of the crushing machine, we must provide periodic maintenance and conservation to crusher.

If you find the production capacity cannot reach the standard set by manufacturers. The reason could be the degree of hardness or toughness is over the limit set on the instruction; the wire of motor is connected reversely, so that the main body runs reversely ( mobile jaw rotates deasil.), or the triangle connection of motor is connected in the shape of star; the discharging port is smaller than the regulation; jaw plate moves, and tooth crest is connected with tooth crest; the voltage is too low in the working site; the space between mobile jaw and bearing is too large because of wearing, so that the outer circle rotates relatively.

The way to remedy those problems are replace or increase crushers; change the connected way of motor wiring; adjust the size of discharging port according to the instructions and increase crusher for fine crushing; check the length between teeth plate, adjusting the relative position between the fixed jaw plate and mobile jaw plate to make sure the tooth crest is connected with the tooth root, and then fix clamping to prevent displacement; increase the voltage to meet the heavy-loaded requirements of the main body; the replace the bearings or mobile jaw.

If there is any beating or percussion during the operation of jaw plate, the reasons could be fastening bolts are loose or falling; the discharge opening is too small, so that the bottom of the jaws impacts each other. To solve this problem, we must fasten or set new screws; adjust the discharging port to guarantee suitable space between two jaw plates.

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