How to Maintain and Operate the Raymond Mill Properly

Raymond mill already has had decades of history. The production and development of the Raymond mill is closely linked with the development of the steel scrap industry. In the beginning, it can only deal with some thin materials. With the deepening of understanding as well as the appeared superiority of the crushing processing of hard material, all kinds of specifications of Raymond mill is constantly developed, thus the birth of the advanced milling equipment. And the scope of its use becomes more widely and it is equipped with the appropriate belt conveyor and sorting equipment, which makes it easy to compose the stone production line.
The correct operation of the Raymond mill can guarantee the normal operation of the equipment and increase the service life of the equipment. The following is the ways that how to properly maintain and operate the Raymond mill:
1, it is necessary to replace the grinding roller device of Raymond mill after it is put into use for more than 500 hours. The rolling bearings in the rollers also need cleaning and there is the need to replace the parts that get worn. The refueling tool can use the manually bowser and the grease gun.
2, the necessary maintenance should be carried out after the running of the milling machine for some time and the timely replacement of wearing parts is also important. In addition, the operator should also pay attention to the lubrication condition of the lubricating parts.
3, the adjustment of the fineness can be realized. Based on the differences of the size of the material, the hardness, moisture content, specific gravity, the fineness of the materials to be processed is also different. The analyzer at the top of the machine can be adjusted, if the rotational speed is high, the fineness is high; if the rotational speed is low, the fineness is low. To improve the fineness will reduce the production accordingly. If it still cannot reach the requirements, the operator can adjust the fan speed and the users can control it flexibly.

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