How to Improve the Operating Efficiency of Belt Conveyor

The transport efficiency of the belt conveyor fails to achieve the requirements often because of a variety of abnormal reasons , resulting in the decrease of productivity, in order to avoid the occurrence of this phenomenon, to increase the transmission capacity of the belt conveyor so as to achieve higher efficiency should do the following things :
(1)The adjustment of the tension: the adjustment of the tension is a very important part of the belt conveyor of belt deviation. The two bend pulley at the upper part of the hammer tension not only should be perpendicular to the the length direction of the conveyor belt, but also should be perpendicular to gravity, namely to ensure the level of the shaft centerline. When using the spiral tensioning or hydraulic cylinder, the two chocks of the tensioning drum should also move to ensure that the axis of the drum is perpendicular to the longitudinal direction of the belt conveyor. The method of adjusting a specific conveyor belt deviation is similar to the adjustment of the drum tension.
(2)To adjust the carrying rolls: the deviation of the belt in the entire conveyor can be adjusted by adjusting the position of the roller group to adjust the deviation; in the manufacturing, the mounting hole of the roller group of both sides should be processed into the long holes. The specific method is biased on the side that the conveyor moves to, on which side of the roller group to move forward, or backward the other side. If the belt upward direction deviation happens, the lower position of the roller group should move to the left, the upper roller group move to the right.

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