How to build construction machinery maintenance market

How to build construction machinery maintenance market

Construction machinery is an important tool for construction projects; it is an important mean to achieve high-speed, high-quality, high efficiency, and low-cost production. The main problems of engineering and mechanical maintenance at this stage: (1) the market system of construction machinery maintenance and the facilities are inadequate; each maintenance and management enterprise has always been in decentralized parallel tracks of the situation.
(2) Maintenance mode unreasonable. Different equipment and different components (lines) have different working environment and different reliability requirements, uniform maintenance mode will inevitably lead to the maintenance of excess or lack of maintenance.
(3) China’s construction machinery maintenance market is lack of unified management department.
(4) China’s construction machinery maintenance market is lack of a comprehensive maintenance and identification of standards, the maintenance quality of different maintenance company is uneven, which is difficult to control.
Therefore, the establishment of construction machinery maintenance market should do from the following aspects: (1) the establishment of a regional service network. Each repair outlets must be after professional technical business training, and full-time staff can use modern maintenance equipment have to carry out the implementation of the scene point inspection work of the region’s engineering machinery on a regular basis and maintenance, etc. for the user before the fault is found and the construction progress of the project have to be given reasonable arrangements for repair plan in order to reduce the losses caused by mechanical failure to ensure the normal conduct of the project. (2) The establishment of crushing machine industrial after-sales service network. Construction machinery manufacturer should make various professional maintenance of networks as the basis to establish a good partnership type of after-sales service network, give way their own after-sales service to the maintenance market, focus on product development, improve quality and marketing. (3) the establishment of industry management services network. Intermediaries is mainly responsible for the information consulting, organization and management to give directional guidance on the maintenance industry according to market changes, to avoid excessive intervention in market activities, and promote the orderly operation of the market.


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