Hongxing Positively Responses to Market Changes in 2013

In recent years, the market development of mining machinery has been very fast, and the market demands become more and more diverse instead of previously simplified, and the production technology level also continues to improve with the changes of market demands. We can say that the production and services of this industry have become perfect and the market has developed to the mature stage. For this reason, the saturated market will have to make breakthroughs in order to achieve better development.

Faced with such market situation, how will Hongxing Machinery deal with it?

Firstly, stabilize the foundation. Nowadays the mechanical manufacturing industry accounts for a bigger proportion in the national economy, so our company should grasp the unique opportunity and first stabilize the basic product technology, and then gradually improve the performance of the products and make them more multi-functional and intelligent because only professional products can bring good public praise and high sales volumes.

Secondly, penetrate into the overseas market. The present domestic mining market has become saturated; consequently, recruiting foreign trade talents and actively selling the crushing machines such as cone crusher to the overseas market will adapt the company to the market development and gain economies of scales as quickly as possible.

Thirdly, associate with other strong enterprises. In a time when the tendency of merger and acquisition is becoming obvious, merger and acquisition is no longer blindly stressing confrontation and competition, in the contrary, association with other strong enterprises is a strong feature for the company to seek survival and development in the globalized market development process.

Fourthly, adjust the product selling structure. The market is volatile so that the production and management pattern of a company should also change with it. Reasonably distributing the selling district of all kinds of products becomes more and more urgent. The low-end ore beneficiation equipment products should be sold to developing countries while the mature products with high added value should be sold to developed countries.

The last but not the least, personalize the services. The customer is the market, so grasping the customers means grasping the market and high-end products and personalized products will be the important factors to win the competition.

Natural disasters, financial crisis and market storm happened in 2012. However, all these difficulties will never obstruct the emerging of Hongxing Machinery. Our company has formulated Fifteen-Year Emerging Plan a few years ago, and this is a crucial year, so Hongxing Machinery will develop forward in spite of the volatile market.

Hongxing Machinery is a high-tech enterprise, which is specializing in the research, development, and manufacture of industrial stone crushing & screening equipment, grinding mills, mining equipment and so on. So far, we have established a whole production chain, of which main products cover stone crushing & screening equipment: rotary dryers, ggbfs production line.

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