General Guidance of Cement Production Line

Based on the current developmental situation, our nation will pit forward the specific requirements, development and goal for vertical cement. At the period of historic transformation period, for every cement worker, each cement plant is not only an opportunity, but also a great challenge. We have no choice, but grasp chance and meet challenge; otherwise, we will be obsoleted seriously. The implementation of our country”s industry policy makes the vertical cement plant face three outlets, the first is out of the game, and switch to bulk cement station, grinding station, and cement products manufacturer; the second is to introduce new technology, and adhere to technical progress, also coexist with new dry method; the third is to exchange new dry process kiln with vertical kiln and generally join the new dry method.

cement production line in Cement Plant:

The cement production line is composed of a series of cement production equipments, which mainly contains crushing and pre-equalization, raw material homogenizing, preheat and decomposition, cement clinker and packaging process, and so on.

According to the different raw material preparation methods, the cement production line can be divided into dry type cement production line (including semi-dry method) and wet type cement production line (including semi-wet method). Cement production line consists of a wide selection of gadgets to create cement. Among the cement equipment the key machines consist of crusher (utilized to crush material), cement Rotary Kiln (accustomed to bake cement raw materials) and cement mill (utilized to grind cement clinker). To a service-oriented brand integrity, as the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, like Mobile crushers, Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service.shaking table separation:

Simplified Process Flow of Cement Production in Cement Plant:

Raw materials extraction (mining) → crushing→ raw materials storage and pre-homogenization (ball mill) →raw material homogenization and storage, calcinations (raw material enter into rotary kiln after pre-heater in cyclone tube, calcinated to clinker) → cement grinding (mix other chemical material according to cement quality to grind) → cement storage and transportation

To Choose Fine Cement Production Line for Superior Efficiency:

According to the measurement of cement production undertaking, we provide prospects with two sets of solutions: a single is dry-process cement production line; one other is wet course of action cement production line. These two sets of manufacturing line would be the most favored cement production options out there at present. Our company is the professional manufacturer of all kinds of cement machinery. We sell the latest cement production equipment. Our machine is enjoying good popularity both in China and in abroad for our machine is with good quality and reasonable price. We can provide a series of service from designing, manufacturing, installation, debugging to commissioning for the complete unit of cement production line and its accessories, such as material crushing, stock yard, material pulverizing, raw meal homogenizing silo, clinker burning, pulverized coal preparation, cement pulverizing, cement packing and other electric automation equipment, water supply & drainage engineering equipment, refractory material, grinding element till laboratory equipment etc.

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