Features and Advantages of Rock Cone Crusher

Features and Advantages of Rock Cone Crusher

The rock cone crusher produced by Hongxing mining machinery has the following features and advantages
1, large crushing ratio and high production efficiency
Hydraulic rock cone crusher makes a perfect combination of crushing stroke, crushing speed and crushing chamber shape, improves production of 35% to 60%.
2, small wearing parts consumption and low running costs
Crusher parts are equipped with wear protection device, reducing maintenance costs and increasing general service life more than 30%.
3, pyramid breaking can produce excellent grain shape
The crushing chamber adopts special intergranular laminated principle design, significantly increasing the proportion of fine products and cube content, to great extent, reducing flakiness materials.
4, high degree of automation
Hydraulically adjustable discharge opening and overload protection make the crusher operation levels be greatly improved, making maintenance easier and operation more convenient.
5, thin oil lubrication is reliable and advanced, improving service life
Unique thin oil lubrication system design greatly improves the useful life of equipment. High performance non-contact labyrinth seal is anti-wear, improving the reliability of blocking dust, and fundamentally eliminating the common failure of oil-water mixing.
6, various crushing cavity types, flexible application and strong adaptability
Crushing chamber shape can be changed from the standard crude cavity to short head ultrafine cavity type, enable to adapt to a wide range of product size requirements.
7, simple maintenance and easy-to-use
All parts can be disassembled and maintained from the top or side; it is easy to disassemble the moving cone and fixed cone without disassembling rack or fastening bolts, thus the daily replacement of the liner is convenient.
The rock cone crusher can provide large production capacity, the best product shape, and easy automatic control, with the greatest reliability and flexibility, is able to create more value for users.

Original link: http://www.hxjqcrusher.com/176.htm

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