Failures on the Operation of Ball Mill

     During the operation of ball mill, you may encounter a variety of problems, and the key is to find out a good solution.1, a regular beat sound, and a lot of noise during operationThat’s because part of the liner bolts are not tightened, so when the ball mill rotates, the liner will knock the grinding cylinder of the ball mill. We should find out the loose bolts according to the noise, and tighten them.2, huge vibration of reducer  One reason is that the axis of the balance shaft of the ball mill and reducer are not on a straight line. Its causes are there is no secondary grouting when the liner is installed, or the anchor bolts are not fastened after the secondary grouting. The hoist rotates grinding cylinder, resulting in the displacement of one end of the grinding cylinder, while the two axis are not on a straight line, so that the reducer drive generated by the mill vibrates.
     The approach is to re-adjust, so that the axis of the ball mill and the axis of the reducer are on the same horizontal axis line.  The second reason is that the large-sized and heavy ball mill leads to the subsidence of the foundation. The resolution is to investigate the settlement point to see if there is any subsidence, and adjust it.3, the abnormal sound made by reducer during operation  The sound of the ball mill reducer when operate normally should be uniform and smooth. If the gears make slight knocking or hoarse friction, but there is no significant change in the operation, users can continue to observe and identify the reasons and deal with them after the stop of the ball mill, but if the sound becomes larger and larger, ball mill has to be stopped immediately. 4, vibration happens when the motor drives the reducer  The main reason is that the space between couplings of the ball mill is too small, which cannot compensate the runout caused by the magnetic center of motor at startup; the outer ring of the ball mill moves. Processing method is to adjust the two concentric to the shaft in accordance with the provisions of the wheel gap. 5, the temperature of the bearing of the reducer rises  Check the deceleration vent of reducer to see if it is clogged and clear the vent.

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