Efficient crushing ability helps impact crusher gain great harvest

With the construction of sand for substantial growth, artificial sand instead of natural sand has been successful in practical application. Impact crusher as the most important sand stone production equipment, has been widely used in artificial sand production, is able to produce high quality, high yield of artificial sand equipment.

The VI series impact crusher is Zhengzhou Hongxing machinery set many years of experience successfully developed and put on the market, the most mature technique, has multiple advantages, gravel production manufacturers to buy the equipment is the main factor. The VI series impact crusher in the work has the following characteristics:

1, simple structure and low cost.

2, energy efficient, high crushing efficiency.

3, with a crushing, coarse grinding function.

4, By the ability of non-crushing materials, the impact of material moisture, the moisture content of up to 8%.Henan Hongxing slag powder production line will be your best choice.

stone portable machine: http://www.jaw-breakers.com/T15.html
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5, can be broken in the hard, special hard material (such as corundum, sintered aluminum, bauxite, etc.).

6, the product was a cube, a small iron contamination.

7, impeller whirl crushing cavity materials significantly reduce the wear parts cost and maintenance workload since the liner.

8, operation and maintenance, easy installation.

9, the work of noise below 75 decibels (dB level).

10, the light weight. Installation and diverse. Removable installation.

Efficient crushing performance, make the VI series impact crusher is favored by users, now, impact crusher has been sold at home and abroad, be entered the success of overseas one of the broken equipment, for users at home and abroad to bring the gospel.

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