Developing another Notebook Battery thumbnail Wire batteries in series to build a notebook power supply

Notebook batteries average about 500 charges and discharges before they’re going dead. When you are the cause of the full charge lasting between one and three hours, according to the applications that you are running, it’s not hard to observe that your battery probably will die prior to deciding to need to replace your notebook. The issue is that replacement batteries could cost over one-third the expense of a new notebook. However, building a notebook battery using lithium polymer, or LiPo, batteries can be a much cheaper alternative and can be done in two or three hours. FUJITSU LifeBook T4210 Battery
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Regard as the bottom of your notebook to get the input voltage requirement. It’s oftimes be from the choice of 14.8 to 19 volts. The input voltage determines the quantity of LiPo batteries you’ll want to make your external notebook power supply. Each Acer TravelMate C302 Series Battery produces 3.7 volts therefore you need four or five batteries, with respect to the voltage requirement, wired in series. Wiring in series combines the voltage from each battery so four LiPo batteries produce 14.8 volts and five 18.5 volts. HP Compaq Business Notebook nx6120 Battery
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Put your LiPo batteries with a flat working surface. LiPo batteries are similar in design and size as regular FUJITSU LifeBook A6220 Battery . These people have a positive terminal on top along with a negative terminal on the bottom. Alternate battery terminals. Using four batteries you have positive, negative, positive, negative facing one way and negative, positive, negative, positive facing the opposite way.
* 3

Label the batteries numerically, either 1 through 4 or 1 through 5. Wrap the batteries in electrical friction tape so that you form a battery pack.
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Cut strips of AWG 16 wire employing a small knife. Dell Latitude D620 Battery is correct to hold the volts it pack produces. Cut two wire strips about one foot long for them to reach between notebook and power supply. One other wire strips ought to be short: about 1 1/2 inches long, while they only have to connect relating to the battery terminals inside pack. The quantity of short strips depends on the quantity of batteries as part of your pack. An effective solution to calculate how many short strips is to count the volume of batteries you happen to be using, then deduct one. As an example, for anyone who is using four batteries within your pack, you need three short strips, if you’re using five batteries, you may need four short strips. Dell Inspiron 910 Battery
* 5

Label each long wires “+” and “-” respectively. Remove 录 inch of plastic coating from your ends of the wire using wire strippers or maybe a small knife to show the copper wire. Sony VGP-BPS8 Battery
* 6

Attach the long wire labeled “+” to the positive terminal of battery 1 and then attach the other long wire strip on the negative terminal in the last numbered Dell Inspiron 7000 Battery with your pack. Use electrical friction tape to install them.
* 7

Attach a short wire strip towards negative terminal of battery 1 along with the opposite end on the strip to the positive terminal of battery 2. Repeat attaching the short wire strips towards negative after which it positive terminals in the remaining batteries in numerical order. The last short wire strip connects towards positive terminal of the last numbered battery. Acer Aspire 4750Z Battery
* 8

Wrap the complete battery pack in electrical friction tape. Guarantee the two long wires extend on the pack, that you need to get in touch these phones your notebook. Another short wires connecting the battery terminals must be covered in tape. HP Pavilion dv4z Battery
* 9

Heat the soldering iron to operating temperature. Meanwhile remove the cover through your power jack. The facility jack have to be identical size because the power input socket with your notebook. Slide the cover over the two long wires. FUJITSU LifeBook N6420 Battery
* 10

Squeeze “+” labeled wire around the positive terminal with the power jack, then introduce the solder and soldering iron. Let somewhat solder melt so that it coats the wire and terminal. Remove the soldering iron and allow the solder cool, then fuse the wire and terminal together. Repeat the process with all the “-” labeled wire attaching it on the negative terminal of the power jack. Encourage the power jack to chill. Shut off the soldering iron. HP Pavilion dv4 Battery
* 11

Slide the energy jack cover down the wires and screw onto the jack. Insert the jack in the corresponding input socket in your notebook. You might have built an external Toshiba Satellite P205 Series Battery

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