Details on Single Toggle Jaw Crusher


     Crushers are used to crush natural stones according to their sizes. Single toggle jaw crusher has many advantages, such as easy structure, reliable operation, convenient maintenance, and so on, so it is widely used in metallurgy, mining, building materials, chemical industries, and coal.  Single toggle jaw crusher mainly consists of two jaw plates: mobile jaw plate and fixed jaw plate. Mobile jaw plate moves towards fixed jaw plate repeatedly and periodically to make the stones between them crushed, broken and bent. The weight of single toggle jaw crusher is very low, and its structure is easy ( a connecting rod, a bracket, a middle bearing, and a pair of bearings). But it has a higher working efficiency than ordinary jaw crusher with same specification. Single toggle jaw crushers are suitable to crush stones with medium hardness. In the engineering work, it is always used as medium crushing and fine crushing equipment, whose crushing ratio can reach 10:1.  
     Compared with double toggle jaw crusher, single toggle jaw crusher has the advantages of low cost and high production efficiency. At present, single toggle jaw crusher has taken place of double toggle jaw crusher widely used in many industries. Crushing cavity of single toggle jaw crusher is made of moving jaw、fixed jaw and sideward liner plates. Rational cavity shape can perfect particle size and reduce broken energy consumption so that economic benefit can be increased. The design of traditional jaw crusher is based on mechanism of double toggle jaw crusher and experience, but it cannot meet the demand of sustainable design and manufacture. With the development of computer technique, the design of jaw crusher has turned to computer aided design. But the quality of jaw crusher made at home has a large gap compared with world standard. It is caused mainly by out-dated design philosophy and out-dated cavity shape design. It also exits the problem that toothed plates abrade seriously. So we should make use of computer technique in designing and optimizing jaw crusher.

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