Detailed Description of Rotary Vibrating Screen Structure

YTS main structure of rotary vibrating screen cylinder is the screening drum, which is composed of several round-shaped screens, whole and ground plane into a tilted state, the external cover is sealed separate sealed to prevent environmental pollution. Speed reducer through the sieve tube system to a certain rotating speeds, the material from the top down tube are separated by sieving, screening fines from the front of the lower part of discharge tube, coarse sieve tube from the bottom of the rear exhaust. Cylindrical rotary screen can be equipped with comb-type sieve body, the screening process can comb sieve tube body and the relative movement screening to achieve the continuous cleaning of the sieve effect, so that the work of screening the entire cylinder the process is always kept clean, non-stick, not blocking, does not affect the screening results.

Rotary vibrating screen machine features

1. Material adaptability: rotary screen used in a variety of materials screening, whether it is low quality coal, coal slurry, or soot, and other class materials are smooth screening.

2. Feed is simple and diverse: Our company has developed a rotary screen inlet can be designed according to the actual site, both belts, feed hopper or other means, do not take special measures can be smoothly feed.

3. High efficiency: The device can be equipped with comb-type sieve bodies, the screening process, regardless of the material into the sieve tube dirtier, more complex can be screening, screening to improve the efficiency of the equipment.

4. Screening large, easy-to-large scale The same size, the circular area of the area than other shapes were greater, so the effective area of screening on major, so materials can have full access to screen, so the amount per unit time on major internal screening. Because of its simple structure, convenient layout, new technology and the maturity and features, easily large scale.

5.Its low energy consumption Our company has developed a rotary screen motor power, is the other half of the screen type to one-third the amount of materials dealing with the same running time compared to other screen-based one-half, so low energy consumption.

6. Good working environment the screening tube can be sealed by the sealing isolation mask to remove the screening cycle in dusty, massive sub-sputtering phenomena, avoiding the pollution of the work environment.

7. Low noise equipment Rotary screen in operation, due to rotation speed is small, and there is separate sealed cover from the outside world, so that noise cannot be passed to the outside, thus reducing equipment noise. 8. long life, maintenance of small Rotary screen is composed of a number of ringed network, the total screening area is much larger than other screen-based screening area, coupled with high efficiency, equipment operation time is short, Guer long service life, the vulnerability of small, little maintenance.

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