Cost Reduction is New Development of Ball Mill

Rolling and plain bearings rolling mill bearings about the domestic market place, however the market place construction Gongyi consideration to complex excellence altered, ball mill specialized team of specialists from therotary kiln rotary drier rotary drier rotary kiln aac gear aac plant utilization of hydrodynamic transformation from the main bearing on the ball mill, produced in reducing energy usage great outcomes. Hydrodynamic key bearing hydrodynamic bearings and hydrostatic bearings depending on the improvement of a new sort of bearing, its background of more than twenty a lot of years, opened inside the bush inside the coronary heart of this bearing static pressure oil chamber, the reprovision founded high and lower anxiety lubrication station just just before the get began using the mill, the extremely initially to open up the high-pressure pump,Magnetic Separator cement equipment Sand producing device

Generally speaking, energy consumption of the ore grinding occupies about 45% to 55% of the total and production cost of that amounts for 40% to 60% of the total.Therefore,it has great practical significance to probe into the ways to reduce the energy consumption of ore grinding. At this moment, the commonly adopted ways are the following:

1. Adopting grate ball mill instead of overflow ball mill.

Compared with overflow ball mill, the grate ball mill has low pulp surface on the throat to make the passing speed of ore pulp quick. In addition, the capacity of grate ball mill is 20%to 30% higher than overflow ball mill with the same specification and the former can save about 25% electricity.

2. Adopting antifriction bearing instead of sliding bearing.

The friction coefficient of antifriction bearing is lower, and the power dissipation ball mill needs to overcome the frictional resistance is lower than that of sliding bearing. In normal conditions, there is no need to replace the main bearing, the antifriction bearing can work for 10 years. It saves the maintenance cost and improves the running rate of the ball mill equipment. To a service-oriented brand integrity, as the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, like Ore beneficiation, Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service.hard rock crushing machine:

3. Adopting pneumatical clutch instead of common clutch.

Pneumatical clutch can reduce the startup time of the motor so as to decrease the startup current”s impact to the network and decrease the installation power.

4. Adopting rubber scaleboard

Rubber scaleboard is a kind of nonmetallic material with high property of wear-resistance. And practices prove that the unit energy consumption of wet ball mill can reduce to some degree after adopting the rubber scaleboard, it usually can reduce 10%. What”s more, the service life of the rubber scaleboard is 2 or 3 times longer than the alloy scaleboard.The most remarkable thing is that besides reducing energy consumption, the rubber scaleboard can also reduce noise so as to improve the working environment.

The machine is new and medium and fine grinding equipment that is researched and developed in the last century and it is also widely used for replacing hammer crusher and impact crusher in the world. It has such advantages as unique and special structure, stable and reliable operation, low energy consumption, high production capacity and crushing ratio. In the working process, the stone can form a protection layer so that the machine itself has little wear and tear and has a long service life. Some easy-wearing parts adopt hard abrasion-resistant material and the size is small, the weight is light and convenient to change.

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