Compound Crusher Helps the Energy Saving

At present, the energy-saving and emission reduction has become an important breakthrough of adjusting the economic structure and transforming the mode of economy. Energy conservation and the development of low-carbon economy have become a basic national policy of the country. The building materials industry is the industry that relies on the resource and energy and the situation that it faces is quite grim. In the field of building materials, building mortar has huge amount in usage. And the production and management of the building mortar is extensive, which not only affects the quality of the construction work, but also cause a waste of cement, resulting in a huge waste of resources and energy.
Currently, the vast majority of the mortar is still mixed on the site, there are some obvious problems. It is estimated that the production of the mortar will waste more than one hundred million tons of cement, which not only consume a lot of resources and energy, but also cause serious environmental pollution by the million tons of carbon dioxide.
The vertical combination crusher is one of the general equipments in the sand making production line and crushing production line. The compound crusher applies the similar crushing technology, regards the energy-saving as purposes and conducts the design optimization of the main technical parameters for the processing of fining crushing and coarse grinding. Compound crusher is mainly used for the crushing of cement raw material, clinker in the medium-sized cement plant, providing ideal crushing equipment for the technology transformation and the construction of the new cement production line in the cement plant.
Compound crusher is commonly used in the production line. The crushing granularity can be adjusted according to the actual needs of the operation. This type of crushing equipment has large crushing ratio and has strong adaptability to the operating requirements of different minerals. As for the crushing of the materials which have high moisture content, it is not prone to clogging. The significant characteristic of the compound crusher is that there is no screen bars. The crushing operations have the automatically protective effect through the flexible adjustment device. The bearing is in horizontal arrangement and has long service life. The compound crusher can be used to crush the high temperature materials and the reasonable structure design provides the good protection for the wear of the rotor, meeting the operations demand for crushing operations.

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