Buy the children down jacket to look out for

The vast number of consumers, for children to buy down jacket, one is to see, when buying, first look for any product quality tags, labels for production name, how much is to contain Winter Women Jackets fabric quantity. The down jacket contain fabric quantity general with more than 70% advisable, has a certain volume and soft degree; 2 it is to press, fluffy down jacket level, by hand press, then loosen, look down jacket is rapid restorable. If you can’t back to its original shape or restore slower that wool quality is poorer, contain fabric quantity is low, which may mixed with a certain amount of rushes or crushing slices. The third is to touch, feel Moncler Women Jackets with the hand, pinch down jacket, look for any complete small rushes or greater than thick long rushes, feather tube, etc. If soft but resilience is poor, that most of the filler for softening rushes rather than down; The fourth is massage, use both hands rub down jacket to see if there were any pile drill out. If there is a lot of plush drill out, explain fabric not down-proof; 5 it is smell, nose to close to the feather products, take a deep breath several times, avoid the choose and buy those who taste heavy pungent goods.

False down jacket often near the mens winter coats 2012 cloth place flocculated a layer of feather, stick lining location is acrylic cotton. When buying, carefully by hand touch, if feel inside, a touch a hair terrier, and the other side is very soft, may be fake goods.basic4shang20121226

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