Beneficiation Plant must have Regular Test

Our country mining equipment, there has been a lack of brands with the problem. Among the domestic small and medium-sized enterprises can be seen everywhere, but in the international market, namely can really but few. Mining equipment enterprise want to have long-term development, it is imperative to innovation, set up strong brand. Brand is a core enterprise technology reflect, also is the carrier of innovation, first-class brand on behalf of the company all aspects of strength. The brand is as a kind of intangible assets, on behalf of the enterprise image, but also a kind of competitiveness. Only by constantly inject new technology, selection of new materials and new technology invention, can we make mining machinery brand content of science and technology to improve, to the fierce market competition invincible.

Ore dressing process inspection and control, with the selected method is different, its range slightly different, generally include the following contents:

1, The raw materials (such as ore, agents and other consumable material) and factory product variety, quantity and quality standards of the inspection;

2, Metering equipment (including a variety of belt scales, scales, scales, meters, land in the balance, etc.) regularly checked;

3, inspection and control of major equipment technical conditions: discharge mouth size, such as crushing equipment, screening equipment, sieve size, inflated flotation machine, thickener overflow water turbidity, vacuum pumps vacuum drying kiln furnace temperature, etc.; To a service-oriented brand integrity, as the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, like Ball mills, Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service.gravel screen:

4, the inspection of the operating conditions of the process:

(1), particle size analysis: mine to mine blocks degree, the final product size of crushing, grinding fineness, grader or cyclone overflow fineness, selected ore granularity;

(2) Determination of pulp density: grinding concentration classifier or cyclone overflow concentration, selected pulp density;

(3), moisture determination: including ore and concentrates;

(4) grade: including sample bit of original, fine tailings classes and fast sample bit;

(5), the flotation pulp pH measurement;

(6) the inspection and control of the amount of reagent.

The recovery in the flotation of various minerals, pulp density aac machineryand recoveries between apparent regularity. When the pulp is very dilute, low recovery rate, the gradual increase in the concentration of the slurry, the recovery gradually increased and reached a maximum. More than the optimal pulp density, the recovery rate is also reduced. This is because the pulp is too thick or too thin will make the flotation machines inflatable conditions deteriorate.Flotation machine

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