Application Methods of Industrial Ball Mill

Ball mill is one of high-fine Grinding machines and has been widely applied in industrial production. Feldspar ball mill mainly consists of Feeding, discharging, rotary and transmission part (reducer, small transmission gear, motor, electric control) and so on. It has two ore grinding ways: dry way and wet way. According to discharge type of finished powder, it can be divided into two kinds: grid type and overflow type.

The grinding effects of ball mill mainly rely on the impact and grinding of body to materials. The motion of ball mill body inside the mill tube contains several different forms such as upward movement, downward movement and projectile motion. In order to further learn the movement rule of ball mill body, when we research the above problems, the following supposes are brought up.

1. When the ball mill operates at normal speed, ball mill body will move circularly according to its location inside the mill tube.

2. There are two kinds of movement paths in mill tube for ball mill: one is the ball mill moves upward along with the barrel according to the track of concentric arcs. The other is that the ball mill falls according to the track of parabola.

3. Because the slide among ball mill body, supporting wall and ball mill is extremely small, it can be ignored when specific calculation is conducted.

4. The effects of materials inside mill tube to ball mill can be ignored. To a service-oriented brand integrity, as the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, like china cement mills, Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service.gyratory cone crusher:

The rotating speed and block coefficient of ball mill body plays a big role in grinding effects. When the rotating speed and block coefficient of ball mill body are different, the movement states of ball mill can be divided into two conditions:

1. Falling aslant type

When the rotating speed of barrel is too low and the ball mill body is too little, there is no impact effects except for rolling and slide function. Consequently, grinding efficiency is unsound.

2. Free fall type

When the rotating speed of barrel is appropriate, under the effects of centrifugal effect, ball mill body attaching on the inner wall of barrel moves upward with the barrel and is brought to the proper height, and then falls down like projectile. The materials are crushed by the huge impact effects. Additionally, the rolling and slide function also play grinding role in material grinding process.

This paper make the ball mill of intermittent method as the review item, and the minute of parameters of ball mill at halting stage is usually obtained variety analysing the entire process of strategy planning stage. So the process of stopping is usually predicted. Conventional intermittent ball mill is usually reconstructed by this way, for your reason from the specifically finding regulate. II. THE BALL Machine Functioning Mode In indust

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