Aggregate Mixer Offers You Excellent Materials

According to the operation way, the aggregate mixer can be divided into the cycle operation type and the continuous operation type; According to the mixing way, it can be divided into freefall mixing type and forced mixing type; According to the device way, it can be divided into the fixed type and the mobile type; According to the discharging way, it can be divided into the tipping type and the non-tipping type.

Mixers have two mixing shaft axis, the axis has certain helix angle and pitch distribution with fan-shaped mixing blades, and two-axis blades staggered distribution; the housing sidewall is equipped with a water inlet pipe, nozzle is horizontal arrangement, the water uniformly ejected from the inlet pipe, and the two rigid stirring shaft make reverse rotation, so that the fly ash is uniformly mixed and conveyed.

Stirrer with a blade rotating rotates in a cylindrical or slot, the blender will be carried out in a variety of raw materials mixed with stirring, and become a mixture or a suitable consistency of the machine. The mixer is divided into a variety of compulsory mixer, a single horizontal shaft mixer, twin-shaft mixer. Note: blenders and automatic feeding machine, when using the mixer, you must clean the inside, especially in winter, which can extend the life. Mixer is also blender, because the ordinary action of the mixer is mixing all kinds of dry mortar, it is commonly known as the mixer. To a service-oriented brand integrity, as the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, like Ore processing plant, Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service.mixing barrel:

Hongxing brand mixer can be carried out on the material, the high-speed strong shear, impact, crushing, dispersion, which can achieve rapid mixing, dissolving, dispersing, thinning function.This product adopts dynamic vertical drying technology, which enables materials disperse in the kiln and increase the area of the hot flue gas contacting with the material, the hot flue gases and materials make full convection, radiation and conduction heat transfer.

The wearing parts of the aggregate mixer include the impeller and the stator. Before using the aggregate mixer, which can evenly mix medicine and mash, and it is necessary to fasten the bolts in pump body, turn the pump axle and wheel, check whether it is flexible, and then switch it on. Under the function of impeller rotation, the pulp and the medicine begin to move in large or small circle, so the pulp and the medicine can achieve uniform mixing. Finally, the blending suspending liquid will be discharged from the overflow outlet, or the blending suspending liquid will be discharged from the discharging part. When using the aggregate mixer, it is necessary to clean up the aggregate mixer, especially in winter, which can extend the service life of the aggregate mixer.

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