5 down jacket magnificent counter attack

Holiday will come, believe a lot of MM are planning to go skiing holiday, it is a happy matter, but in sub-zero surroundings, had to wear his feeling gained 10 jins. This year down cotton-padded jacket moncler jacket men became vital a! To Maison Martin Margiela and H&M cooperation launched quilt down jacket led gaily counter attack! With splicing, science and technology are metal color, design details are perfect combination of a whole winter a brilliant pen.

Maison Martin Margiela and H&M launched quilt down jacket once launched immediately attracted the fashion of the people of vision, in succession in micro bo, threatened to offer an olive branch to of. Regardless of its white can cope with the dust of Beijing, at least this is a kind of fashion trend, in order to let it fashionable and practical, choose dark system is good! Let this drum capsule and warm surrounded us the whole winter!

Gorgeous lun namely model technology metal color

Adornment to feel strong metal color let down cotton-padded jacket upgrade to subvert the past style, bring moncler women coats us the future science and technology to make sense. A bright eye coat can make you instantly become the focus of attention.

Shrinkage visual perception of the current case grain

This kind of tooling current case grain in the men’s clothing would have become classic, but this year a used in dress, but not particularly masculine, but made a fresh grain, familiar with, but strange. Small lattice diamond grain won’t let visual expansion, let down cotton-padded jacket has a contraction effect.

With the most slender waist appeared

Fluffy down cotton-padded jacket always let a person bloated several rounds, body type will be a circle a circle truncation, no scale, no S shape in. Beam waist is designed to save the world! No matter you of shoulder, arm how to be amplified, waist line, and the world was immediately all know you is a thin man! And will let you S Girls Winter Jackets line more prominent!

Splice increase fashionable feeling

Down the fleeciness cotton-padded jacket with PI cao’s smooth, knitted fabric, the solid cloth have a new spark for original down cotton-padded jacket increased the fashionable element, make people more likely to match.basic4shang20121226

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