BIOSSAM was funded by the CSIR Parliamentary grant system.  The following researchers from various groups at the CSIR contributed to BIOSSAM:

Sustainable Energy Futures
Alan Brent, Monga Mehlwana, William Stafford, Bamikole Amigun, Max Mapako, Henerica Tazvinga,
Sustainable Social-Ecological System
Lorren Haywood, Benita de Wet, Wildri Peach
Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services
Greg Forsyth
David Le Maitre
Environmental Resource Economics
Russel Wise,  Josephine Musango, Willem De Lange,  Lozelle Reed, Anton Nahman, and Brian Mahumani.

This site was developed by:-
William Stafford, PhD
Sustainable Energy Futures,
Natural Resources and the Environment,

Acknowledgement to Johann Kotze for help with the flash video  and Freedom Studios for hosting the site

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